giovedì 30 gennaio 2014
2014 marks the birth of a new exhibition project for the sector of the supply chains of the wood. Since 2002, every two years, is held in the province of Turin, the event Boster, acronym of Bosco (Forest) and Territorio (territory), event "outdoors" dedicated to the work in the forest and to the resource wood.
Boster after a few editions has become the biggest outdoors forestry event in Italy and, more recently, by the Regione Piemonte has obtained the status of "international fair", given the interest shown by businesses and the public.
The strength of the event is the innovative "exhibition philosophy". All steps of the supply chains wood - energy and wood - building, are illustrated along a trail enriched with a format that includes demonstrations of machinery and equipment for the primary wood processing, biomass heating appliances in operation and examples of construction techniques with the wood. But the extra edge of Boster is that the wood supply chains, short chains, are presented in their environment, in the exact context in which they begin, in the wood.
Boster is therefore a trade that leaves the fairgrounds for going to urban users, professionals or hobbyists, and meet them in the places where they live, work and where they support the economies of the wood.
It is from this different approach and from the many requests received from companies and users that, starting this year, Boster has chosen to present itself to the public and to the Italian and foreign Regions of the Alps, in two editions - Boster nord Est (Boster north-east) and Boster Nord Ovest (Boster north-west).
The event
Boster is aimed to users technical, professional and hobby products and services sectors of the wood (wood - energy, wood - building) but also to those who are interested in the opportunities it offers resource, in home heating until the construction of wooden buildings.
Boster north - east and Boster north - west are candidates to become the double event for the companies that want to promote themselves in the whole of the Alpine region and cross-border regions.

For more information, visit http://www.fieraboster.





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